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InnoAppTech, or Innovative Applications Technologies, is specialized in product-level,
user-oriented software solutions for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided
Engineering (CAE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Computer-Aided
Manufacturing (CAM) engineering applications. Our primary focus is development of user-
centered complementary components suitable for integration in new, state-of-the-art,
software frameworks.

Products and Services

  • customizable solutions in software products for CAD, CAE, CFD, and CAM
  • embedded software development, and technology integration
  • consultancy in software development, including software framework designs

e commit ourselves to serving you best all the time, as well as ensure long-term
cooperation with our partners.

What's New - ShapeSpawner

A new shape modeling component, called ShapeSpawner®, is now available!

ShapeSpawner can be used to design as well as analyze complex product shapes faster
and accurately. One of the unique strengths is the ability to edit solid and surface models,
not only by means of edges and faces, but also by vertices in 3D in real-time without the
need to roll back to 2D sketches as in most traditional systems.

In ShapeSpawner, lower dimensional sketch elements evolve to 3D sketches, which can
be edited to create even more complex shapes but without losi
ng semantic information.
Both prismatic and s
heet shapes can be modelled as solids or surfaces. Intuitive "vertex
handles" on the shape boundary can be manipulate
d using mouse moves (see video) or
ed dimensions.

See more demonstration videos
on You Tube.

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Last Updated: 17 January, 2011
ShapeSpawner and shape manipulation through point handles
double-click video window for full screen view)
Why choose ShapeSpawner?

  • easy to use; intuitive shape construction, e.g. solids or surfaces
    of extrusion, sweep

  • full real-time 3D shape manipulation with integrated 3D

  • no restriction to 2D sketches for vertex editing. You can directly
    manipulate, e.g. vertices in solid and surface models

  • mandatory constraints on shape are automatically captured for
    you, which guarantees valid shape

  • shape manipulation is consistent, predictable and reproducible
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